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Thurston Thursdays start Sept 29th

with A Thurston Promise, Book 1

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A happily ever after romance and feel-good read

50% of royalties donated to Humane Society shelters

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So proud!

A big congratulations to my fellow Thurston authors. I cannot be more proud of the ten remarkable ladies who joined me in creating the Thurston Hotel Series. Thanks, ladies, for playing nice in the sandbox and writing such great stories.  Great job!

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Five Roads From Beltane Interactive

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A unique reading experience from my author friend, Susan Horsnell…

Outlaws hold up the bank in Beltane at the busiest time of the week.

Dire consequences follow, not only for the outlaws, but also their hostages.

The scene is set.

One beginning, five different endings.

Five Authors: RaeAnne Hadley, D’Ann Lindun, Margaret Tanner,
Allison Merritt and Susan Horsnell

The path is up to you. The story unfolds in the way YOU decide.

Which path will you choose?

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#ThurstonThursday Part Two

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The second book in the Thurston Hotel Series is available today on #Amazon

and this story is one of my favorites!

A busload of stranded seniors in a small mountain resort town. 

A stowaway.  A completely frazzled tour master.

What could possibly go wrong? 

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A steamier read from my Aussie author friend

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Want a steamy read?

Here’s one from my Aussie author friend you might enjoy.

Happy Reading!

Emma has loved Cody all her life but he sees her only as his little sister’s friend.
When she returns after four years away, nothing has changed.
Insisting on caring for Zoe who has been left in a wheelchair after an accident, Emma moves into the ranch.
How will she cope with the man of her dreams on a daily basis?
Will he realize his feelings too late?

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Amazon AU

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It’s here! Happy Thurston Thursday!

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Book 1 in the Thurston Hotel Series is available on

#Amazon today.

Happy Reading, Everyone!

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The citizens of Harmony…

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We’ve met the hotel owners and staff, but the Town of Harmony boasts a full range of citizens from adorable children to quirky adults to a few with four feet and waggly tails.

Our black doctor at the Harmony General keeps the citizens healthy and his gorgeous wife is a sous chef at the Thurston. Their two beautiful teenage daughters work part-time for a couple of the many local shop owners. We have clergy and cops and some very sexy firefighters. The bake shop owner’s cupcakes are to die for, and she features a special one every month. Of course, our local newspaperman’s scruples are questionable. The weekly Harmony Chronicle publishes every Thursday, but you never know what will be posted on the Chronicle’s Facebook page in the meantime.

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So, who’s working and living at the Thurston…

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Besides the hotel’s owners, there is a full staff to ensure the Thurston runs smoothly. Friendly (and sometimes flirty) front desk clerks and smiling bellhops welcome guests. Efficient housekeeping staff keep the hotel and guest rooms clean.

Our French chef creates culinary masterpieces in the kitchens for hungry guests in the Foothills Dining Room and Alberta Rose Coffee Shop. Our sexy bartenders chat up customers and tease the regulars while they mix drinks for the wait staff to serve in the Thomas Lounge and Peaks Bar.

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So what’s The Thurston Hotel Series about?

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The Thurston Hotel Series has nothing to do with CaRWA as a chapter of RWA. But I tapped into the pool of outstanding published authors within the group to mentor four members who had previously not published a book. Eleven of us signed on to participate, with me bookending the series with books 1 and 12. In my opinion, every author and every book in the series is a winner. 

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