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Hello, everyone! And thank you for your patience! My latest book has been giving me more trouble than a two-year-old on a sugar high. I’m delighted to announce the eBook version of Eight Days In Emerald Cabin is LIVE on Amazon. The print version will be available later this month. Although a thorn in my side for so many reasons, this book is finished. I’m really pleased with it, and I love the cover! If you’re a fan of second chance, older couple romance, then this is the story for you.  Available here on Amazon

Happy Reading!

Rebecca Graham is looking forward to spending an entire week at a luxury resort in Banff with her college roommate who suddenly reached out to her in an email. They both turned sixty this year, and Rebecca plans to relax while catching up on her friend’s news. And she has an exciting revelation of her own to share.


Gordon Boyd’s early retirement hasn’t gone as planned due to his wife’s untimely passing. Now, he occupies his time assisting with property maintenance and daily operations at the Blue Spruce Luxury Resort. Gordon enjoys keeping busy and meeting resort guests, especially newly arrived Rebecca. Although, life would be more rewarding if the aloof vacationer would agree to a dinner date.


Rebecca tries everything to discourage the resort worker who is showing an interest in her. But Gordon Boyd has set his sights on the beautiful guest. Will the two secret-keeping sixty-somethings, with seemingly nothing in common, have any hope of a future together?