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Brought by the leprechauns on March 17, 2012

 FOR YEARS, WANDA CARTER has served up a helping hand with finding a solution to her granddaughter’s problems with a hot cup of tea and a chat around Wanda’s kitchen table.

Now, Samantha is faced with a life altering decision.  The fact that her boyfriend has walked out of the apartment they share is only making matters worse. Once again, Wanda intends to help Samantha put the situation into proper perspective. But this time help with Samantha’s decision comes from an unlikely source – Samantha’s long deceased great grandmother, a WWII war bride named Sally Clark.

Wanda has her fingers crossed that Samantha will come to what Wanda believes is the right decision. Will the history lesson encourage Samantha to make that decision?  And will her boyfriend return in time to join in the decision making? Or will the unfortunate situation end in heartbreak for everyone.

Reviewed by Victoria Chatham, writer of Regency romance

In this charming story Ms. Sinclair places the spotlight firmly on relationships and particularly the human emotion of love.

The relationship between Samantha and her grandmother, Wanda, is skilfully woven. In Wanda’s kitchen, Samantha reveals something that could change her young life forever. Wanda dispenses wisdom and sympathy over a cup of tea while relating the story of her mother, an English war bride named Sally, who is the true heroine of this tale.

Sally endured a rocky Atlantic crossing and arduous train trip across the prairies to be reunited with her husband, Robert Clark, a Canadian soldier she met and married during World War II.  Sally was horrified by what awaited her.

Ms. Sinclair’s high regard for war brides shines throughout this story which comes full circle with a satisfying conclusion.


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