Not What It Seems


Released June 1, 2012

Cassidy Donahue’s dream of becoming partner in her father’s Chicago law firm is shattered by her father’s selfish betrayal. Devastated and disillusioned, Cassidy escapes to Anchorage, Alaska to start a new life on her own terms.

While the corporate lawyer works as a cocktail waitress in a western-themed bar, she befriends an inquisitive and handsome bartender.  Although attracted to Clayton Morrison, Cassidy fears he’ll reveal her whereabouts to her father if he discovers her true identity.

A past relationship left Clayton disillusioned and distrustful of women. But Clayton and Cassidy’s mutual attraction to each other results in a night of passion together. Cassidy’s relentless efforts to avoid detection only create more questions for Clayton who’s convinced she’s lying about something.

But Clayton is hiding a tightly-guarded secret of his own. Mr. Donahue confronts his daughter in the bar and insists she return home.  And then he discovers Clayton’s true identity.

When Clayton and Cassidy learn that nothing about their relationship is what it seems, will the couple everyone believes to be a perfect match be willing to overcome their secrets?  Or will distasteful accusations and hurt feelings threaten to ruin any chance for a future together?

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Watch for Book Two, ALMOST DOESN’T COUNT, to be released September 1, 2012


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