Love To The Rescue

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For almost two years, Amy MacArthur has mourned her husband’s untimely death, vowing to never love another. Now, after surviving a burglary, Amy welcomes a new man into her life, the handsome police officer who attended the B and E at her home.

Frightened by the intruder’s ugly threats, Amy adopts an abused rescue dog for companionship and protection while hoping to heal the animal’s damaged spirit. In turn, could her new pet help a depressed child recover from a devastating loss?

The new additions to her life are stirring a renewed desire to fulfill her fondest wish: a family of her own.  But Amy is torn between preserving her husband’s memory and pursuing a new love. Is her heart willing to risk the devastating pain of losing a loved one again?

Or is she just one catastrophe away from losing it all?

 * * *

For stories from readers relating the tale of the adoption of their own pets, and the story of the adoption of my family’s beloved rescue dog, Beau, click on the Rescue Stories tab!

March 17, 2014

I presented a cheque to Kate Foote from the Calgary Humane Society (with an assist from Charlie) for the Society’s 50% share of my 2012-2013 author royalties for Love To The Rescue.

THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a copy of the book!

Encourage your friends to buy a copy of Love To The Rescue,

and continue the sharing.  Link to purchase above.

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