Welcome to The Town of Pineview

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So… here’s the scuttlebutt.  Once I completed Alone Together, I needed a new project and I turned to two old friends (Christmas in Pineview and Trouble in Pineview), the books set in the fictional Canadian, east-central Alberta location, the Town of Pineview. Days after I published the second book, one of my readers had inquired when the next Pineview book would be coming out. At the time I was up to my ears in the Sons Of A Gun Series and I hadn’t even considered more books set in Pineview. But then in 2020, I decided why not?


Thus, Gordon and Dani’s story evolved into the third book in the series, Scuttlebutt in Pineview. And yes, there will be more. Coming in the latter part of 2021 will be Vacancy in Pineview which I am currently writing. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this new book, and if you haven’t read the first two, I’ve included the links to them as well. Happy Reading!


Scuttlebutt In Pineview, Book 3 available here  https://amzn.to/3sFsFMQ

Christmas In Pineview, Book 1 available here https://amzn.to/2GQ4oyS 

Trouble In Pineview, Book 2 available here https://amzn.to/2TQSkB2


Dani Quinn is stunned to learn she inherited Scuttlebutt Restaurant and Bar from her uncle, a retired sea captain she barely remembers. When she acquires employment at the business to check it out, she can’t imagine what the sexy executive chef’s problem is. But plagued by a newly learned secret, Dani continues putting off telling him she’s his new boss.


Gordon James is convinced he’ll finally inherit the restaurant he manages, now that the owner has passed. Furious when he receives notice the new owner will be in touch, Gordon decides to buy the place he considers his own, if the guy ever shows up. But Gordon is sidetracked in his mission by a recently hired woman who seems too interested in his business and in the sketchy new guy in town.


When Gordon learns Dani’s the new owner, will he convince her to sell? Will her additional revelations cause an irreconcilable divide? Or can two people thrown together by an old career mariner find forever love together?