About Brenda

Brenda Sinclair writes contemporary and historical western romance, and has over thirty books published. She is a member of her local chapter of Romance Writers of America, leader of her TOPS weight-loss group, a gardening enthusiast, and dog lover.

Brenda was raised on a farm in southern Manitoba. She and her husband have been married for fifty years and raised two sons. She is extremely proud of her three wonderful grandchildren.

Brenda worked in the accounting field for over twenty-five years. Several years ago, she retired and traded in numbers for words when she decided to be a full-time writer.

During writing breaks, Brenda enjoys walking her little dog, Kelly, checking out what Jack Abbott is up to on today’s installment of The Young and The Restless, or snuggling with Kelly on the sofa and enjoying a good book.

Brenda believes life is good, and for days that life isn’t so good, just get over it. There’s always tomorrow.



  1. Hi Am enjoying your Sons of A Gun Series. but upset about the Cowboy hats on the cover. All except Book 2 which has an authentic 1980’s style hat…the others are too modern. that wide front brim was newly styled 2 years ago. check the hats in the movies, Open Range or Stagecoach or The Cowboys. & you’ll see what I mean. bring the point up to “Earthycharms” Just FYI. Thanks.

  2. Hi Brenda! Long time no see…I hope you remember me from CARWA. I was recently talking to Vicki Chatham about a self-publishing project I am doing and she suggested you may be able to give me some advice.

    I’d love to chat/catch up with you in any case.
    Love, Mary Pat xo

  3. Hi

  4. Hi Brenda!
    I received the gift card today for When Dreams Collide and just wanted to say Thank You. Look forward to reading it.
    Karen Cherubino

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