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Hello, everyone! And thank you for your patience! My latest book has been giving me more trouble than a two-year-old on a sugar high. I’m delighted to announce the eBook version of Eight Days In Emerald Cabin is LIVE on Amazon. The print version will be available later this month. Although a thorn in my side for so many reasons, this book is finished. I’m really pleased with it, and I love the cover! If you’re a fan of second chance, older couple romance, then this is the story for you.  Available here on Amazon

Happy Reading!

Rebecca Graham is looking forward to spending an entire week at a luxury resort in Banff with her college roommate who suddenly reached out to her in an email. They both turned sixty this year, and Rebecca plans to relax while catching up on her friend’s news. And she has an exciting revelation of her own to share.


Gordon Boyd’s early retirement hasn’t gone as planned due to his wife’s untimely passing. Now, he occupies his time assisting with property maintenance and daily operations at the Blue Spruce Luxury Resort. Gordon enjoys keeping busy and meeting resort guests, especially newly arrived Rebecca. Although, life would be more rewarding if the aloof vacationer would agree to a dinner date.


Rebecca tries everything to discourage the resort worker who is showing an interest in her. But Gordon Boyd has set his sights on the beautiful guest. Will the two secret-keeping sixty-somethings, with seemingly nothing in common, have any hope of a future together?


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Book Signing

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Tomorrow, July 29th, I’ll be selling and signing books at the Community Center in Mulhurst Bay from 11 to 3 with lots of other vendors. I’ll have my latest releases, as well as the Sons of a Gun Series and the Town of Pineview Series. Come say hello and stock up on your summer reading.

See you there!

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A New HWR Release – Jake’s Orphans

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One of my all-time favorite genres to read is historical western romance. I’ve loved so many wonderful books by Linda Lael Miller, Diana Palmer, Jodi Thomas, Sandra Brown and many others. But it seems when writing, I flip back and forth between HWR and contemporary romance. I’ve even been dabbling in a few romantic suspense stories of late. Most of the HWR books I’ve written have been series, namely the seven book Spirit Creek Series and the five book Sons of a Gun Series. Both are available on Amazon.


Several months ago, I woke up with a scene in my mind that could be the beginnings of a new historical western romance. After quickly writing the scene before I forgot the details, I continued plotting and writing. That first scene and the initial idea have been expanded to become a new 60,000-word, standalone HWR story.


When I initially began writing this book, I had no idea what the title should be. After completing the entire first draft and sending it to two of my favorite beta readers for the initial critique, I still hadn’t discovered the perfect title. However, after working on revisions and reading the manuscript several times, it occurred to me Jake’s Orphans might work. My beta readers agreed that it seemed perfect. Finally, I had a title for my new standalone story.


After completing more revisions, I forwarded the manuscript to a third beta reader for comments while doing the fun stuff… a cover! Except for one or two, all my covers have been created by the very talented Su Kopil from and once again, Su did a wonderful job. I love the cover for Jake’s Orphans! The girl on the cover is definitely Maisy, my heroine. When the manuscript was returned from the third critique partner, she offered a couple of truly great suggestions. Of course, more revisions followed in the form of two new scenes. Then off the manuscript went to my copyeditor, followed by corrections, final read through, and the usual formatting, etc.


Now, ta-da! The e-book and print version are here. With a handsome, kind-hearted hero and a fun-loving heroine, precocious children, and adorable critters, how can you not be entertained? You will definitely have a few laughs, catch yourself smiling, and perhaps shed a tear or two. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I loved writing it.


Maisy Mitchell feels out of place when unexpectedly employed on a Montana cattle ranch. She fears her handsome new employer will send her packing if he discovers her shameful past, or if she falls short in completing her ranch duties.


Jake Gibson looks forward to life returning to normal with the hired girl in charge of the housework. Until it becomes apparent Maisy knows nothing about ranching. He’s spending too much time teaching the beautiful redhead when he should be proving himself to his father. Jake reluctantly agrees to Maisy caring for the stray she picks up in town, unaware of the havoc on the horizon when his father offers a suggestion neither of them saw coming.


Could inexperience or stubbornness result in Maisy finding herself forced off the ranch? Or can Jake and Maisy resolve their differences while discovering a common purpose leading to a future together?

Here’s the Amazon link 

Happy reading!

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Today is October 1. This year is flying by at warp speed.

While existing in pandemic hibernation during 2020 and 2021, like everyone else, I experienced a horrendous two years. Thank goodness for Zoom where I visited with family, friends and fellow authors. Otherwise, like many others isolated by the pandemic, I would have been bonkers. Although I haven’t participated on social media too frequently, I completed several writing projects. Then, vaccines brought me hope for a new normal.


But I decided to totally take summer 2022 away from all things related to writing.  I enjoyed finding my way back to living life in person again, and I delighted in time spent with family and friends and relaxing during the hot summer months. Reading. Gardening. Meeting people for lunch or drinks or dinner. I loved every minute of it. Now, I feel inclined to join the online world again and share with you what I’ve been up to.   


In 2021, I completed the final books in the Town of Pineview series…

Vacancy in Pineview and Posies in Pineview

are available as an eBook  and in print on Amazon.

Vacancy in Pineview 

Posies in Pineview 





I’ve recently released a new eBook.

Accidently, On Purpose is a standalone contemporary romance with suspense elements. Writing romantic suspense is a new undertaking for me, and I’ve enjoyed penning this subgenre. I’ve written a Christmas short story, A Home for Christmas, to publish and include in back of the Accidently, On Purpose print version when it becomes available. 

Link to the eBook is 




I’m back! And I look forward to returning to in person writing meetings and book signing events. 

Happy Reading, everyone.

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Welcome to The Town of Pineview

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So… here’s the scuttlebutt.  Once I completed Alone Together, I needed a new project and I turned to two old friends (Christmas in Pineview and Trouble in Pineview), the books set in the fictional Canadian, east-central Alberta location, the Town of Pineview. Days after I published the second book, one of my readers had inquired when the next Pineview book would be coming out. At the time I was up to my ears in the Sons Of A Gun Series and I hadn’t even considered more books set in Pineview. But then in 2020, I decided why not?


Thus, Gordon and Dani’s story evolved into the third book in the series, Scuttlebutt in Pineview. And yes, there will be more. Coming in the latter part of 2021 will be Vacancy in Pineview which I am currently writing. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this new book, and if you haven’t read the first two, I’ve included the links to them as well. Happy Reading!


Scuttlebutt In Pineview, Book 3 available here

Christmas In Pineview, Book 1 available here 

Trouble In Pineview, Book 2 available here


Dani Quinn is stunned to learn she inherited Scuttlebutt Restaurant and Bar from her uncle, a retired sea captain she barely remembers. When she acquires employment at the business to check it out, she can’t imagine what the sexy executive chef’s problem is. But plagued by a newly learned secret, Dani continues putting off telling him she’s his new boss.


Gordon James is convinced he’ll finally inherit the restaurant he manages, now that the owner has passed. Furious when he receives notice the new owner will be in touch, Gordon decides to buy the place he considers his own, if the guy ever shows up. But Gordon is sidetracked in his mission by a recently hired woman who seems too interested in his business and in the sketchy new guy in town.


When Gordon learns Dani’s the new owner, will he convince her to sell? Will her additional revelations cause an irreconcilable divide? Or can two people thrown together by an old career mariner find forever love together?

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A New Light-hearted, Fun Read… Alone Together

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This tale is in no way intended to make light of the serious situation facing the world at the time of its writing. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the lives of over two million good, caring, loving people, worldwide. The death toll currently continues daily, and now we have the added worry of variants to contend with.

As an author, it is my sole intention to provide a bit of entertainment during these uncertain times by offering a light-hearted look at a fictional couple’s experiences and misadventures during lockdown. How does the saying go… I have to laugh, otherwise, I’ll cry? No doubt, there have been rivers of tears shed during the pandemic from fear of the unknown, from paralyzing uncertainty, and from the loss of loved ones. It’s my belief that a bit of laughter is always a good thing. The best medicine, as they say.

Hang in there, readers. We will survive these times, especially while sharing a chuckle or two.

Buy your copy here:


A light-hearted tale of two almost strangers’ hilarious and heartwarming experiences after agreeing to self-isolate together during the 2020 pandemic.

Valerie Layton detests her mother’s suggestion: self-isolate with her coworker during the coronavirus pandemic. Valerie barely knows Derek beyond working on their joint project, and she can’t imagine sharing her condo with him. But as their lockdown together continues and she’s dealing with family from a distance, Valerie discovers sharing her space with Derek isn’t the problem. Suppressing romantic thoughts about her helpful houseguest proves the challenge. Especially since she kissed him first.


Derek Sanders decides if forced to self-isolate, he much prefers being locked up with the delectable Valerie and her adorable cat than living alone. They soon settle into a workable routine, and he doesn’t mind being Valerie’s rock during stressful moments. But as Derek grows closer to his roomie, keeping his mind on his work and his hands off her becomes an issue. And then she shocks him with an offer he never expected.


Could Valerie and Derek discover an upside to the pandemic? Or will they part ways once their self-isolation lockdown ends, and hopefully, the world moves into a new normal?

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A LAST RESORT is a sweet, funny, feel-good contemporary romance,

perfect for a relaxing summer read.

Available now on Amazon 

Tough Times Priced at $2.99

Romance author, Emma Sullivan, has a deadline to meet and travels to her editor’s remote luxury cabin for alone time to complete her current manuscript. When she discovers the mountain retreat is already inhabited by a contractor who refuses to leave, Emma agrees to make the best of the situation. Despite their vastly different likes and dislikes, his presence there soon becomes invaluable.

Lyndon Reynolds loves living in his client’s cabin while building the three-car garage as a surprise for the owner’s wife. Until the pretty but stubborn author moves in and totally disrupts his life. After finding some normalcy, their world is rocked by an unexpected third party who destroys any hope of their peaceful coexistence.

Can Emma and Lyndon discover a solution to their living arrangements with the recently arrived final straw? Or is the unexpected third wheel the one thing that could possibly help ensure their future together?

Happy Reading!

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