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A happily ever after romance and feel-good read

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July 15, 2014 will be memorable for me forever. Today, I submitted my application for PAN (Published Author Network) membership to RWA (Romance Writers of America) head office in Houston, TX.  Feeling like I’m truly an author! 

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How often have we heard the phrase ‘better late than never’?

Some things in life try our patience. Reading books in a series and then having to wait for the next one to be released can be difficult and trying and annoying. Especially if you have issues with patience. Or if the author gives you a timeline and then life gets in the way and you have to wait longer still.

This has been the case with the final book in the Spirit Creek Series. And for that, I sincerely apologize. But, alas, it is now available, in ebook only at present, on Amazon at this link and will be available in print later in the year.

No Hope is the final book in the six book Spirit Creek Series, which actually ended up being seven books including the Christmas novella, No Peace. This novella wasn’t in the original game plan, but when a character kept attempting to take center stage away from the actual hero in No Ties, I had to promise him his own story.

I would like to thank everyone who purchased and read all of the books in the Spirit Creek Series, and I would especially thank those of you who posted a review on Amazon and on Goodreads. Authors love writing books, and when we learn through reviews how much you enjoyed reading our work, it makes the long days and sleepless nights spent tapping the keys on our laptops well worth it.

I am currently working on a multi-author project which I will be telling you about in late summer. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy No Hope.

Happy reading!

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now available on Amazon

Happy Reading!

Professional bull rider, Rory Bennett, learns his biological father’s name at his mother’s deathbed. A new female acquaintance helps him come to terms with his recent loss, but Rory’s anger at his now-deceased father for never acknowledging him sends the cowboy off to confront his half-siblings. Is he heading down a destructive path or about to discover things he least expects?

Giving up on the idea of a traditional home and family, Dr. Catherine Wilson takes matters into her own hands. Then she meets Rory Bennett, a man who seems perfect for her. Could her recent decisions sabotage any chance of a future with the handsome cowboy?

Rory falls hard for the beautiful child psychologist he met at the lowest point in his life, but he isn’t prepared for the shocking news he learns about her. Will the cowboy and the doctor be able to overcome the challenges they face and work toward a future together?



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Autumn… my favorite time of the year

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The blistering days of sunscreen applications and nasty weather watches on the weather channel are behind us. Replaced, of course, with a slight nip in the morning air, cool afternoon breezes and an occasional frost warning. S6301850

Autumn. My favorite time of the year, especially with Mother Nature wearing her prettiest clothes in reds, oranges and golds. I’ve always loved autumn. Could this be because my favorite color is orange? Of course, my favorite flower is the tiger lily and I love those adorable ginger-colored kittens. But I digress.

Autumn means hearty stews and healthy soups made from recently harvested root veggies like beets, carrots, turnips and potatoes. (Of course, I don’t garden anymore. And there is no better reason to support your local Farmers’ Markets.)

September means back to school for the kids with mothers scrambling to get everyone into a routine. And I like to put the lazy days of summer behind me and get back to some serious writing time, including self-imposed deadlines. Even as an Indie author, I require some form of structure in my life and that means setting goals and target dates for book releases.

I’m currently working on two projects consecutively. During the summer months I’ve been plotting and writing both a contemporary western and Book 6 in the historical Spirit Creek Series. A week or so of plotting and/or writing on one project, and then switching over to the other. And then back again. *Crosses fingers* I’m hoping to have both of them released by the end of the year. As long as life doesn’t get in the way, as tends to happen on occasion.

And now that the weather is cooling off, we can snuggle under a blanket on the sofa, sipping a cup of hot chocolate or herbal tea, and crack open a good book or our e-readers for some downtime with our new favorite characters. In between writing sessions and couch time with my Kindle, I plan to get outside and enjoy the invigorating autumn air before that white fluffy stuff arrives.

Happy autumn and happy reading, everyone!

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Spirit Creek Series Update

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The year is 1/6 over! I cannot believe March is here already! Time flies when you’re having fun. And I am having so much fun writing the Spirit Creek Series that I haven’t posted anything new here in months! Please accept my apologies! Here are a few words on my journey with this series.

The title, No More, has never changed since the first draft over ten years ago, but the plotline evolved over time and several scenes were cut. Of course being of the opinion that this ‘brilliant writing’ *wink, wink* couldn’t be lost forever, I toyed with the idea of writing a trilogy. And some of the rejected scenes went into book two. Then the trilogy morphed into a six book series when plotline ideas wouldn’t stop popping into my head! I suppose that’s a good thing. I prepare a detailed plot summary (yes, I’m a plotter) of each book before I start writing. And I write down ideas for scenes as they occur to me, but plotline changes are constantly evolving even as I write.

Keeping all the recurring characters straight is no small feat when you’re tracking an entire town’s population! Mind you, several recurring characters appear in every book, but new citizens have arrived and a few births and deaths have occurred also. A huge poster board occupies one of my office walls with color-coded Post-its covering every square inch. Blue means a deceased citizen, yellow is for children and pink is adults currently alive. I love writing about so many unique citizens, and I’ve had reviewers mention they enjoyed having the characters from an earlier story appear again in future books.

How often have we heard the old saying Variety is the spice of life? Too frequently to count, right? We all enjoy variety in our leisure activities, in our hobbies, in the movies we watch and, of course, in the books we read. When I plotted the Spirit Creek Series, I kept this concept of ‘variety’ in mind. But, sorry, no vampires. Just sheriffs, schoolmarms, outlaws, ranchers, bank robbers and the like.


Book One, No More, finds a recent widow and a wealthy ranch involved in a marriage of convenience to provide their children with two parents. Of course, their secret feelings for each other get in the way, along with a number of other problems facing their blended family.

Book Two, No Time, was written for readers who enjoy lots of plot twists with their romance. Ellie Thomas is a schoolmarm who considers the town’s lawyer a friend who stands by her when she needs help. But Robert has loved her from afar for years, and he hopes to win her heart.

Book Three, No Chance, was written for readers who enjoy a few steamy scenes in a romance story, so beware if you’re not a fan of a ‘hot’ read. Chance Maxwell and Sadie Peterman heat up the pages and each other while Sadie learns a few harsh life lessons.

Book Four, No Ties, is another sweet romance between Sheriff Ernest Jones and schoolteacher, Ivy Paterson who told a little white lie years ago, shortly after arriving in Spirit Creek. When she recognizes a stranger in town, she realizes her fibs are coming back to bite her in the bustle.

Book Five, No Way, involves a troubled widow who arrives in Spirit Creek by mistake.CoverFinaMD-NoWay

Book Six, No Hope, features an abducted heroine. Both of these books will be released in 2015.
No Peace, is a Christmas novella released in November 2014. Although not part of the spirit Creek Series, the story is a continuation of a plot line in Book Four, No Ties.

The current releases in the Spirit Creek Series and the Christmas novella are available on Amazon at

Happy reading! And watch for the release of NO WAY coming in late spring 2015.

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Just in Time for the Holidays. . .

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NO PEACE is a bonus-read Christmas novella that is not part of the six book Spirit Creek Series. Although it works as a stand alone story, this book is a continuation from No Ties and Blake Connors’ dilemma with the outlaws. And, if you’ve been wondering what the heroes and heroines from the first four books have been up to, an update on several of Spirit Creek’s citizens is woven throughout the tale.

*  *  *

Recently-retired undercover Pinkerton agent, Blake Connors, orchestrated the incarceration of countless bank and train robbers. Now that Blake’s secret life has been revealed, outlaws are gunning for the man they consider a traitor. Christmas is the season for peace on earth, but Blake’s life is anything but peaceful. He fears for the safety of his loved ones, and unless he can find some way to keep his beloved Gertie safe, he questions the wisdom of proposing and subjecting her to a lifetime of danger.

Gertie Winsom intends to marry Blake Connors, if the fellow lives long enough to propose to her. She loves Blake dearly and considers the opportunity to spend the rest of her life with him worth the risk of facing the danger surrounding his life at the moment. But is she being selfish? Should she step away from Blake and give him the freedom to renew his employment with the Pinkerton Agency far from the uncertain future he faces in Spirit Creek?

Should Blake and Gertie simply go their separate ways? Or can they discover a solution to their dilemma, ensuring them a future filled with happiness and, more importantly, peace?

Available now on Amazon 

Happy Reading.

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I’ve just returned home after attending this craft sale (and spending a couple days visiting with friends and relatives as well). The record-breaking attendance numbers didn’t translate into record sales for many vendors, but the two-day event proved to be a lot of fun!

As you know, I donate 50% of my author royalties from Love To The Rescue to local humane society shelters, and thus, the Brandon Humane Society received the shared royalty proceeds from this sale. I’m happy to announce I sold 19 copies of this book and rounded up the royalty share to $5 per copy. On Monday morning, I stopped by the Brandon Humane Society Shelter and presented them with a $95.00 donation.

Here, I am presenting the check to Liz Anderson,

a shelter employee,

holding a four-month-old female Lab cross named Haven,

one of the adoptable dogs at the shelter.


Haven is thinking it over.

Yep, a big wet kiss on the ear for me. 

I believe that was her doggie version of ‘thank you for the donation’.

Haven, you’re very welcome!  

If you live in Brandon or surrounding area, and you’re interested in acquiring a new four-footed family member, drop around to the Brandon Humane Society at 2200 – 17th Street East and meet the dogs and cats available for adoption. Hey, maybe you could adopt my new buddy, Haven!

A special thank you to my booth mate and fellow author, Doreen Winona Logeot.

Also, congratulations to Jennifer Taylor, the winner of our gift basket draw.

Happy reading!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to my family and friends.

Monday is Thanksgiving Day but I believe everyone should be thankful every day

for all the wonderful things we have and the beautiful people in our lives.

Travel safe and enjoy your turkey dinner.

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