A New Light-hearted, Fun Read… Alone Together

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This tale is in no way intended to make light of the serious situation facing the world at the time of its writing. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the lives of over two million good, caring, loving people, worldwide. The death toll currently continues daily, and now we have the added worry of variants to contend with.

As an author, it is my sole intention to provide a bit of entertainment during these uncertain times by offering a light-hearted look at a fictional couple’s experiences and misadventures during lockdown. How does the saying go… I have to laugh, otherwise, I’ll cry? No doubt, there have been rivers of tears shed during the pandemic from fear of the unknown, from paralyzing uncertainty, and from the loss of loved ones. It’s my belief that a bit of laughter is always a good thing. The best medicine, as they say.

Hang in there, readers. We will survive these times, especially while sharing a chuckle or two.

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A light-hearted tale of two almost strangers’ hilarious and heartwarming experiences after agreeing to self-isolate together during the 2020 pandemic.

Valerie Layton detests her mother’s suggestion: self-isolate with her coworker during the coronavirus pandemic. Valerie barely knows Derek beyond working on their joint project, and she can’t imagine sharing her condo with him. But as their lockdown together continues and she’s dealing with family from a distance, Valerie discovers sharing her space with Derek isn’t the problem. Suppressing romantic thoughts about her helpful houseguest proves the challenge. Especially since she kissed him first.


Derek Sanders decides if forced to self-isolate, he much prefers being locked up with the delectable Valerie and her adorable cat than living alone. They soon settle into a workable routine, and he doesn’t mind being Valerie’s rock during stressful moments. But as Derek grows closer to his roomie, keeping his mind on his work and his hands off her becomes an issue. And then she shocks him with an offer he never expected.


Could Valerie and Derek discover an upside to the pandemic? Or will they part ways once their self-isolation lockdown ends, and hopefully, the world moves into a new normal?