Bandit Creek Series

What happens when a bunch of authors get together over drinks to brainstorm?

Welcome to Bandit Creek, the brainchild of Carla Roma and her multiple collaborators (myself included).

The town of Bandit Creek is nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Here you’ll meet fascinating residents, learn about the buried town at the bottom of nearby Lost Lake and discover a world of intrigue and excitement. The stories range the years from 1867 to the present, covering all genres and sexual ratings.



by Brenda Sinclair

City girl Amanda Bailey arrives in Bandit Creek to replace the bank manager who is on maternity leave. After surviving her first day at work, Amanda spends a toe-curling night in the arms of a Hollywood-handsome local cowboy.

Several doctors had predicted Amanda would never conceive a baby, a devastating side effect of her successful cancer chemo treatments. But she is both shocked and elated to discover a few weeks later that she is pregnant!

Joyful thoughts of motherhood swirl in her head, but the baby’s grandfather threatens Amanda with his unwelcome demands. Protecting her professional reputation by keeping her condition a secret in this small town is the least of her worries when she discovers something is seriously wrong at the bank.

The local gossipmongers hit an all-time low when rumors abound that Amanda herself is the thief and is covering her tracks by accusing one of the locals.

Amanda must fight to save her career and her reputation, but will this temporary work assignment prove to be her ruin?

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 Love a sequel…



(Sequel to A Bandit Creek Miracle)


For years, Susan Sanders worked diligently until the ambitious young woman attained her current position as manager of the Helena branch of the Ellis Bank. Now, she dreams of being named a director of the bank one day.

Through circumstance and a bit of matchmaking, Susan is introduced to a handsome ranch foreman named Dusty MacFarland. They spend a memorable day and evening serving as bridesmaid and groomsman at their friends’ wedding.

Dusty has held a lifelong dream of his own—buying and operating a horse ranch. Due to a recent inheritance, his dream is within reach and he enlists Susan’s assistance in making the dream come true.

Susan soon realizes that her urban commerce goals don’t match with Dusty’s rural ranching plans and with their contrasting dreams on a collision course, a future together seems impossible.

An early disappointment derails Dusty’s plans, but a new opportunity presents itself immediately. Surprisingly, this arrangement could enable both of their dreams to come true and a future together might be possible after all. And then tragedy strikes, leaving Dusty’s dreams in tatters. Could this unfortunate situation destroy Susan’s hopes of a happily ever after?

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