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Today is October 1. This year is flying by at warp speed.

While existing in pandemic hibernation during 2020 and 2021, like everyone else, I experienced a horrendous two years. Thank goodness for Zoom where I visited with family, friends and fellow authors. Otherwise, like many others isolated by the pandemic, I would have been bonkers. Although I haven’t participated on social media too frequently, I completed several writing projects. Then, vaccines brought me hope for a new normal.


But I decided to totally take summer 2022 away from all things related to writing.  I enjoyed finding my way back to living life in person again, and I delighted in time spent with family and friends and relaxing during the hot summer months. Reading. Gardening. Meeting people for lunch or drinks or dinner. I loved every minute of it. Now, I feel inclined to join the online world again and share with you what I’ve been up to.   


In 2021, I completed the final books in the Town of Pineview series…

Vacancy in Pineview and Posies in Pineview

are available as an eBook  and in print on Amazon.

Vacancy in Pineview  https://amzn.to/3j6YSu8 

Posies in Pineview  https://amzn.to/3fAUkwM 





I’ve recently released a new eBook.

Accidently, On Purpose is a standalone contemporary romance with suspense elements. Writing romantic suspense is a new undertaking for me, and I’ve enjoyed penning this subgenre. I’ve written a Christmas short story, A Home for Christmas, to publish and include in back of the Accidently, On Purpose print version when it becomes available. 

Link to the eBook is  https://amzn.to/3yvv1mL 




I’m back! And I look forward to returning to in person writing meetings and book signing events. 

Happy Reading, everyone.