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TAG!  I’m it!

On March 23rd, I was tagged by Louise Behiel in a writer’s game of LUCKY SEVEN.  Louise was tagged by Alyssa Palmer.  A writer tagged in this game goes to page 77 of their current WIP, finds line 7, and then copies the next 7 lines.  Sounds like fun, right?

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on A BANDIT CREEK MIRACLE, to be released through Amazon and Smashwords on May 15th as part of the Bandit Creek Books series.  Check it out at http://www.banditcreekbooks.com

Here are my seven lines from A BANDIT CREEK MIRACLE…

After one whiff of the toast, slathered in butter, Amanda leapt to her feet and dashed to the Ladies’ room. When she emerged, she almost crashed into Missy Gibson, the pregnant widow of the Iraq war hero. As they passed in the hallway, Missy whispered, “How far along are you?”

 Amanda’s heart almost stopped.

 “That door is not sound proof, and I suffered morning sickness in the beginning, too.” Missy smiled.

Now I get to tag 7 writers: Amy Jo Fleming, Trip Williams, Julie Rowe, Kreseda Kaine, Brenda Collins, Jill Christie and A. M. Westerling.  You’re it!


# # #

The aroma was enticing. The spicy layers dripped with mozzarella – his favorite cheese. The kids were still talking around him. But everything felt out of kilter, except for the burning in his gut. He was getting used to that.

* * *

Night. Dark. Humming to himself as he walked along the sidewalk alone. In the spotlight. Happy. Skipping.

From black to bright daylight in the blink of an eye.

From skipping to stillness – he couldn’t move. –   from Family Ties by Louise Behiel

# # #

As he walked, he began to hear sirens. At first it was faint, but as he drew closer to the Pont du Carousel bridge, he could see the cluster of vehicles and their flashing lights surrounding the Musée d’Orsay. He paused near a group of tourists, drawing his cigarette case from his jacket as he watched the scene and listened to their conversation.
A woman in the group waved to another approaching. “Oh my god! There you are! I thought you’d been inside!”  –  from The Paris Game by Alyssa Linn Palmer

# # #


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