Women of Stampede

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  The Women of Stampede Series

This is the cover for my book in this remarkable series of SEVEN stories centered around the Greatest Show on Earth… The Calgary Stampede.

Lydia Simpson-Crowchild’s to-do list could choke a horse. Besides competing in the powwow dancing and serving at catered events, Lydia originally planned to just spend free time with her friend, Emily. Well, that’s not happening with everything her controlling mother volunteered her for. And she continues to encounter that sous chef she crashed into at a recent event. She needs to decide if nursing is the career for her, but the only thing she sees in her future is that sexy chef.

Warren Chamberland has his entire future planned, and working as sous chef for Stampede Catering is providing him with the experience he needs to land his dream job. If he could only keep his mind off Lydia, the gorgeous Indigenous server, who nearly knocked him senseless in more ways than one.

Will Lydia discover nursing is her true path in life while Warren concentrates on achieving his dream job? Or will they discover that saddling a dream occasionally means you get bucked off?

Get your copy of Saddle A Dream here

Amazon  https://amzn.to/2F3fSu5

or here

Universal Link https://books2read.com/u/38gj0B

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