Sons Of A Gun Series is Here!

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After working on this new historical western romance series for over a year, the first book will be brought to you by the leprechauns, published on March 17th.

One family patriarch living with a decades-old secret.
Five sons who grew up on the family ranch.
Five young ladies who find true love.
Five books in a historical western romance series.

Book 1 – a young lady flees her home despite ruined plans to become a mail-order bride; Book 2 – the new schoolteacher attracts the attention of the local deputy and fears he will learn about her lawless past; Book 3 – a female horse wrangler disguised as a boy fears she will be sent to prison if anyone learns her true identity; Book 4 – a young neighbor lady is determined to save her family’s ranch despite being left penniless and alone; and Book 5 – an eastern girl’s search for a newly discovered family member could destroy a family legacy.

Welcome to the Town of Milestone, Montana where
the McLennon family and the Double M Ranch await you.

Romance, suspense, a bit of mystery, lots of laughs, and a few surprises.

Feel-good reads resembling a family saga.
Book One available on Amazon on March 17, 2020.



Lily Watson arranges to become the mail-order bride of a successful cattle rancher. She’s elated to escape marriage to a conniving man forty years her senior, but minutes before boarding the train, she receives a telegram stating the groom has changed his mind. That will never do! Using money her late mother left her, Lily travels to Montana Territory anyway.

Jackson McLennon enjoys a laugh when he learns his sister corresponded on his father’s behalf with an aging mail-order bride. When Lily Watson shows up at the family ranch despite the canceled proposal, both Lily and his father are in for a shock. Jackson has never set eyes on such a beautiful young woman, and now that his father has met Lily, Jackson worries his pa might regret withdrawing the proposal.

Lily’s determined to make Montana her home. Or will her past follow Lily out West and jeopardize her hopes for a happy future?