Sons Of A Gun Series Book 3

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Sons Of A Gun Series Book 3 is here.

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Willow Harrison is forced to disguise herself as a boy when she and her brother flee the Texas ranch they’ve called home their entire lives. Considering their past, they can never return. If anyone learns their true identities while on the run, they will spend the rest of their days in prison, or worse.

Adam McLennon unknowingly hires the fugitives to work with his Thoroughbreds and Morgan stock on the Double M Ranch. Adam couldn’t be more satisfied with their work, but he suspects the two brothers are hiding something. He’s determined to discover what it might be.

What will happen if Adam learns one of his talented horse wranglers is a woman? Will he concede she’s perfect for the job? Especially if Willow has already found a way into his heart. Discovering all of her family secrets could spoil everything. Or can Adam and Willow find a future together?