Sons Of A Gun Series Book 5

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The last book in the Sons Of A Gun Series is available on Amazon


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While reading her grandmother’s diary, Rosemary Dalton discovers a skeleton in her ancestral closet. But during a trip to her grandfather’s hometown, Rosie suspects her grandmother kept an important secret from her family. When Rosie’s mother threatens to destroy her future, Rosie enlists the help of the handsome young rancher who befriends her, hoping they can prevent a horrible misjustice.


Michael McLennon is torn between acknowledging his growing feelings for sweet, kind-hearted Rosie and joining his family against her greedy mother who refuses to consider anyone’s opinion except her own. Fate creates an unexpected situation which may assist the McLennon family in fighting the menace threatening the future of every McLennon living on the Double M Ranch. While hoping to win Rosie’s heart, Michael also vows to save the family legacy.


Will Michael and Rosie ensure the truth prevails? Or could a shattered love from generations past tear them apart forever?


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